About Talents

Respect for each employee, encourage learning and innovation, develop talents, praise ability and political integrity

Respect for each employee

Teyu's staff is the most valuable , and Teyu fully respect the needs and personality of each employee's

Teyu try its best to create a harmonious and healthy working environment, so that each employee  could work happy and healthy life

Teyu sincerely interested in the development of each employee, and  help them to grow

Encourage learning and innovation

Keeping on learning is the source for innovation and development. Teyu build a learning organization, encourage and support staff through any reasonable means and methods to learning

Develop talents

Talents is the future of Teyu.Training potential employees is the responsibility of Teyu. Teyu efforts to create the opportunities and the environment for the growth of talents, in order to achieve the common development of employees and enterprises

Praise ability and political integrity

Personnel standards of Teyu is : "both ability and integrity, and integrity-based"

Teyu keep on  improving  the scientific personnel evaluation system, and  reward each employees' contributions for enterprise and society