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November 12, 2020

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A Better Understanding of Coral Skeleton Growth Suggests Ways to Restore Reefs

Physicists observed reef-forming corals at the nanoscale and identified how they create their skeletons. The results provide an explanation for how ...

Light Pollution at Night Severely Disrupts the Reproductive Cycle of Corals

Studying the reproductive cycle of two coral species from the Indo-Pacific Ocean over the course of three months, researchers found that light pollution caused delayed gametogenesis and ...

Crown-of-Thorns Eat Themselves out of House and Home

A world-first study on the Great Barrier Reef shows crown-of-thorns starfish have the ability to find their own way home -- a behavior previously undocumented -- but only if their neighborhood is ...

Location and Extent of Coral Reefs Mapped Worldwide Using Advanced AI

Researchers have generated a global coral reef extent map using a single methodology capable of predicting the location of shallow coral reefs with nearly 90% ...
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Coral Larvae Movement Is Paused in Reaction to Darkness

A new study shows that coral larvae swimming in seawater behave in such a manner so as to temporarily stop swimming due to reduced light, especially blue light. Researchers think that this behavior ...

Environmental Impacts of Pot Fishing

The findings of new research go against previous thinking around the damage caused by pot fishing to the ...

People Can Do More Than Use Less Plastic to Help Save the Great Barrier Reef

There are many threats to Australia's Great Barrier Reef - cyclones, shipping, crown-of-thorns starfish - but QUT researchers say climate change is its worst enemy. Yet a survey they conducted ...

Darwin's Theory About Coral Reef Atolls Is Fatally Flawed

Charles Darwin's 1842 theory about the formation of ring-shaped reefs, called atolls, is incorrect, but 'it's so beautiful, so simple and pleasing' that it still appears in ...

Acropora Spp. Coral Still Thrives in the Holdout Refuge of Coral Gardens, Belize

Coral Gardens Reef in Belize remains a refuge for Acropora spp. coral despite widespread devastation in other areas of the western North Atlantic/Caribbean, according to a new ...

'Portfolio' of Marine Reserves Enhances Fish Populations

No-take fishing zones on their own act as valuable sources of fish for neighboring reefs. These areas support more fish, which then produce even greater numbers of baby fish. But, just how many ...

Ocean Acidification Puts Deep-Sea Coral Reefs at Risk of Collapse

Deep-sea coral reefs face challenges as changes to ocean chemistry triggered by climate change may cause their foundations to become brittle, a study ...

Can Pumping Up Cold Water from Deep Within the Ocean Halt Coral Bleaching?

Rising ocean temperatures cause marine heat waves, which place stress on living coral animals, as well as the photosynthetic algae on which they depend for energy. A new study is showing potential ...

DNA Unlocks a New Understanding of Coral

A new study challenges more than 200 years of coral classification. Researchers say the 'traditional' method does not accurately capture the differences between species or their ...

Shedding Light on Coral Reefs

New research generates the largest characterization of coral reef spectral data to date. These data are an initial step in building a quantitative understanding of reef water clarity. With these ...

New Corals Discovered in Deep-Sea Study of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

For the first time, scientists have viewed the deepest regions of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, discovered five undescribed species consisting of black corals and sponges, and recorded ...

Great Barrier Reef 'Glue' at Risk from Ocean Acidification

Scientists have suspected that increasing ocean acidity would weaken and thin the structures underpinning tropical reefs. Now they have irrefutable evidence dating back 30,000 ...

Uncovering the Hidden Life of 'Dead' Coral Reefs

'Dead' coral rubble can support more animals than live coral, according to researchers trialing a high-tech sampling method. A researcher said that reef rubble habitat was often overlooked ...

Warmer, Acidifying Ocean Brings Extinction for Reef-Building Corals, Renewal for Relatives

A new study finds that reef-building corals emerged only when ocean conditions supported the construction of these creatures' stony skeletons, whereas diverse softer corals and sea anemones ...

Ocean Acidification Causing Coral 'Osteoporosis' on Iconic Reefs

Scientists have long suspected that ocean acidification is affecting corals' ability to build their skeletons, but it has been challenging to isolate its effect from that of simultaneous warming ...

Difficult, Complex Decisions Underpin the Future of the World's Coral Reefs

Effective solutions to the climate challenge threatening the world's coral reefs require complex decisions about risk and uncertainty, timing, quality versus quantity as well as which species to ...

New Tool for Identifying Endangered Corals Could Aid Conservation Efforts

A newly developed genotyping 'chip' -- the first of its kind for corals -- allows researchers to genetically identify corals and the symbiotic algae that live within the coral's cells, ...

Computer Modeling Used to Predict Reef Health

A researcher has developed a way to predict the future health of the planet's coral reefs. He has been studying the ecosystems of the world's endangered ...

Nutrients Make Coral Bleaching Worse

Nutrients can aggravate the already negative effects of climate change on corals to trigger mass coral bleaching. A study suggests ecosystem managers can reduce the impacts of coral bleaching by ...

Surprising Coral Spawning Features Revealed

When stony corals have their renowned mass spawning events, in sync with the moon's cycle, colonies simultaneously release an underwater 'cloud' of sperm and eggs for fertilization. ...

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