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December 14, 2020

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New Blended Solar Cells Yield High Power Conversion Efficiencies

Researchers have blended together various polymer and molecular semiconductors as photo-absorbers to create a solar cell with increased power efficiencies and electricity ...

Innovation in Novel Hybrid Energy Systems

Future novel hybrid energy systems could lead to paradigm shifts in clean energy production, according to a new ...

Study Shows Promising Material Can Store Solar Energy for Months or Years

Researchers studying a crystalline material have discovered it has properties that allow it to capture energy from the sun. The energy can be stored for several months at room temperature, and it can ...

Understanding Bacteria's Metabolism Could Improve Biofuel Production

A new study reveals how bacteria control the chemicals produced from consuming 'food.' The insight could lead to organisms that are more efficient at converting plants into ...
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New Semiconductor Coating May Pave Way for Future Green Fuels

Hydrogen gas and methanol for fuel cells or as raw materials for the chemicals industry, for example, could be produced more sustainably using sunlight, a new study shows. In this study, researchers ...

New Technique Seamlessly Converts Ammonia to Green Hydrogen

Researchers have developed a highly effective, environmentally friendly method for converting ammonia into hydrogen. The new technique is a major step forward for enabling a zero-pollution, ...

Moving Wind Turbine Blades Toward Recyclability

A new material for wind blades that can be recycled could transform the wind industry, rendering renewable energy more sustainable than ever before while lowering costs in the process. Researchers ...

In Retrospect, the Burning of Wood in District Heating Plants Has Resulted in Climate Saving

A new report shows that the burning of wood is significantly more climate friendly than coal and slightly more climate friendly than natural gas over the long run. For the first time, researchers ...

Making a Case for Organic Rankine Cycles in Waste Heat Recovery

Researchers say that cascaded organic Rankine cycle systems could improve the way in which environmentally-friendly power is generated from waste ...

Policy, Not Tech, Spurred Danish Dominance in Wind Energy

In a new study focused on Denmark, a global leader in wind energy - a relatively mature and low-cost renewable technology - researchers found that government policies have been the primary driver of ...

Scientists Develop Energy-Saving 'Liquid Window'

Scientists have developed a liquid window panel that can simultaneously block the sun to regulate solar transmission, while trapping thermal heat that can be released through the day and night, ...

Scientists Generate Realistic Storm Turbulence in the Lab

Turbulence is an omnipresent phenomenon - and one of the great mysteries of physics. A research team has now succeeded in generating realistic storm turbulence in the wind tunnel of the Center for ...

Desalination: Industrial-Strength Brine, Meet Your Kryptonite

A thin coating of the 2D nanomaterial hexagonal boron nitride is the key ingredient in a cost-effective technology developed by engineers for desalinating industrial-strength ...

Students Develop Tool to Predict the Carbon Footprint of Algorithms

Within the scientific community, it is estimated that artificial intelligence -- otherwise meant to serve as a means to effectively combat climate change -- will become one of the most egregious CO2 ...

Increasing the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells

Organic solar cells are cheaper to produce and more flexible than their counterparts made of crystalline silicon, but do not offer the same level of efficiency or stability. Researchers demonstrated ...

'Transparent Solar Cells' Can Take Us Towards a New Era of Personalized Energy

Solar power has shown immense potential as a futuristic, 'clean' source of energy. No wonder environmentalists worldwide have been looking for ways to advance the current solar cell ...

Room Temperature Conversion of CO2 to CO: A New Way to Synthesize Hydrocarbons

Researchers have demonstrated a room-temperature method that could significantly reduce carbon dioxide levels in fossil-fuel power plant exhaust, one of the main sources of carbon emissions in the ...

Building Cities With Wood Would Store Half of Cement Industry's Current Carbon Emissions

A new study has found that shifting to wood as a building construction material would significantly reduce the environmental impact of building construction. If 80% of new residential buildings in ...

New Sulfur Dioxide Conversion Method May Transform Current Industrial Techniques

A single-step, plasma-enhanced catalytic process to convert sulfur dioxide to pure sulfur from tail gas streams may provide a promising, more environmentally-friendly alternative to current ...

Soil-Powered Fuel Cell Promises Cheap, Sustainable Water Purification

Soil microbial fuel cells proven to be capable of creating energy to filter a person's daily drinking water in Brazil ...

Renewable Energy Targets Can Undermine Sustainable Intentions

Renewable energy targets (RETs) may be too blunt a tool for ensuring a sustainable future, according to new ...

How to Design Organic Solar Cell Materials

Scientists have recently scrutinized organic solar cells and derived design rules for light-absorbing dyes that can help to make these cells more efficient, while tailoring the absorption spectrum of ...

Photovoltaics Industry Can Help Meet Paris Agreement Targets

To meet the Paris Agreement's goal of preventing Earth's average temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial level, one of the best options for the energy ...

Material Properties for Longer-Lasting, More Efficient Solar Cells

Researchers are helping to understand the fundamental processes in a material known as perovskites, work that could lead to more efficient solar cells that also do a better job of resisting ...

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