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October 27, 2020

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How Exercise Stalls Cancer Growth Through the Immune System

People with cancer who exercise generally have a better prognosis than inactive patients. Now, researchers have found a likely explanation of why exercise helps slow down cancer growth in mice: ...

Researchers Solve 'Protein Paradox' and Suggest Way to Exploit Cancer Weakness

Researchers have discovered how thus far a mysterious function of the so-called MCM proteins protect the human cells against DNA instability, which ...

Transcription Factors May Inadvertently Lock in DNA Mistakes

A team of researchers has found that transcription factors have a tendency to bind strongly to 'mismatched' sections of DNA, i.e. sections of the genome that were not copied correctly. The strong ...

How Cancer Cells Escape Crowded Tumors

When trapped in a crowded environment, cells of the human body try to escape. Scientists now discovered that it is the cell nucleus, which triggers the 'evasion reflex'. This reflex is activated once ...
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What Do Breast Cancer Cells Feel Inside the Tumor?

Using a new technique, a team of researchers has found tiny and previously undetectable 'hot spots' of extremely high stiffness inside aggressive and invasive breast cancer tumors. Their ...

Proton Regulator of Essential Cancer microRNA

New findings unveil that a 'hidden' layer of regulation by which the intrinsic dynamic ensemble of miRNA processing intermediates can direct the outcome of important biological processes in ...

Toward a New Staging System for Prostate Cancer, and Why It Matters

The development and validation of a staging system for non-metastatic prostate cancer could help doctors and patients assess treatment options, as well as improve clinical ...

Tracking the SARS-CoV-2 Virus With Genome Sequencing

A new study shows how next generation genetic sequencing can track mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which can in effect help with transmission tracing, diagnostic testing accuracy and vaccine ...

Highly Effective Tumor Detection Strategy for Common Childhood Brain Tumors

A team of scientists have developed a way to more accurately both detect and monitor a common type of pediatric brain cancer, setting the stage for giving clinicians a real-time view into how the ...

Genome Archeologists Discover Path to Activate Immune Response Against Cancer

Ancient embedded elements in our DNA from generations past can activate a powerful immune response to kill cancer cells like an ...

Tumor DNA in Spinal Fluid Could Help Doctors Better Monitor Childhood Brain Cancer

Researchers have demonstrated that a new liquid biopsy approach overcomes traditional barriers to quickly and efficiently diagnose and monitor high-grade pediatric ...

New Approach to Fighting Cancer Could Reduce Costs and Side Effects

Researchers have developed a novel approach based on microfluidic technology to 'purify' the immune cells of patients in the fight against ...

Study Shows Active Older Adults Have Better Physical and Mental Health

Older adults with higher physical activity and lower sitting time have better overall physical and mental health, according to a new ...

A Promising New Tool in the Fight Against Melanoma

A new study has revealed that a key blood marker of cancer could be used to select the most effective treatment for ...

AI Methods of Analyzing Social Networks Find New Cell Types in Tissue

In situ sequencing enables gene activity inside body tissues to be depicted in microscope images. To facilitate interpretation of the vast quantities of information generated. Researchers have now ...

Hand-Held Device Reads Levels of Cancer Biomarker

Researchers have created the prototype for a hand-held device to measure a biomarker for cancer, paving the way for home-based cancer monitoring and to improve access to diagnostic ...

Calcium Bursts Kill Drug-Resistant Tumor Cells

Multidrug resistance (MDR) -- a process in which tumors become resistant to multiple medicines -- is the main cause of failure of cancer chemotherapy. Tumor cells often acquire MDR by boosting their ...

Researchers Make Counterintuitive Discoveries About Immune-Like Characteristics of Cells

Biologists reveal that tissue perturbations by chemotherapy agents promote stem cell expansion and that fibroblast cells exhibit unexpected, immune-like ...

Small RNA as a Central Player in Infections

The most important pathogenicity factors of the gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori are centrally regulated by a small RNA molecule, NikS. And this was not the only surprise that NikS ...

Virus-Mimicking Drug Helps Immune System Target Cunning Cancer Cells

Researchers found that a drug that activates the body's natural defenses by behaving like a virus may also make certain stealthy melanoma tumors visible to the immune system, allowing them to be ...

Scientists Show Jet Lag Conditions Impair Immune Response in Mice

Researchers reveal in a mouse study that chronic jet lag alters the microenvironment surrounding tumor cells, making it more favorable for tumor growth, and also hinders the body's natural ...

Breakthrough Blood Test Developed for Brain Tumors

Genetic mutations that promote the growth of the most common type of adult brain tumors can be accurately detected and monitored in blood samples using an enhanced form of liquid ...

Scientists Voice Concerns, Call for Transparency and Reproducibility in AI Research

Scientist challenge scientific journals to hold computational researchers to higher standards of transparency, and call for their colleagues to share their code, models and computational environments ...

New Insight on Mole Growth Could Aid Development of Skin Cancer Treatments

Moles stop growing when they reach a certain size due to normal interactions between cells, despite having cancer-associated gene mutations, says a new ...

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