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November 10, 2020

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Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy Linked to Modifications in Infants' DNA

A new study has shown pregnant women with obesity could reduce the health risks for their infants through improved diet and more physical ...

Discovery of Shape of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome After Infection Could Inform New COVID-19 Treatments

Scientists have uncovered how the genome of SARS-CoV-2 -- the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 -- uses genome origami to infect and replicate ...

Why Protecting the Brain Against Infection Takes Guts

The brain is uniquely protected against invading bacteria and viruses, but its defence mechanism has long remained a mystery. Now, a study in mice, confirmed in human samples, has shown that the ...

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Proteins Disrupt the Blood-Brain Barrier, New Research Shows

New research shows that the spike proteins that extrude from SARS-CoV-2 promote inflammatory responses on the endothelial cells that form the ...
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High Temperatures Threaten the Survival of Insects

Insects have difficulties handling the higher temperatures brought on by climate change, and might risk overheating. The ability to reproduce is also strongly affected by rising temperatures, even in ...

A Key Player Behind Parental Chromosome Matching During Meiosis

Researchers have clarified how homologous chromosome pairing -- a process necessary for sperm and egg formation where paternally- and maternally-derived chromosomes match and exchange genetic ...

New Research Traces the Origins of Trench Fever

Trench fever was first clinically described in World War 1 when it sickened nearly 500,000 soldiers. New DNA evidence proves the disease predates that time period by thousands of ...

Biologists Create 'Atlas' of Gene Expression in Neurons, Documenting Diversity of Brain Cells

Researchers have created a 'developmental atlas' of gene expression in neurons, using gene sequencing and machine learning to categorize more than 250,000 neurons in the brains of fruit ...

'Monster Tumors' Could Offer New Glimpse at Human Development

Finding just the right model to study human development -- from the early embryonic stage onward -- has been a challenge for scientists over the last decade. Now, bioengineers have homed in on an ...

Lighting the Way to Selective Membrane Imaging

Scientists have shown how water-soluble tetraphenylethene molecules can become fluorescent when aggregating at a biomembrane-mimetic liquid-liquid interface. This work may lead to new optical ...

Genetic Elements Involved in Heart Development Identified

Researchers have identified a suite of genes and regulatory elements critical to normal heart development. Their study outlines the importance of 'hub genes' in heart ...

Europe Took Center-Stage in Global Spread of the Coronavirus, Says New Research

Genome researchers have discovered that it is Europe, not China, which has been the main source of spreading the coronavirus disease around the ...

Breakdown of Gene Coordination During Aging Suggests a Substantial Challenge to Longevity

Researchers report evidence that supports, for the first time, a longstanding theory on the aging process in cells. Using a novel approach from physics, they developed a computational method that ...

'BAH-Code' Reader Senses Gene-Silencing Tag in Cells

Researchers have identified an evolutionarily conserved pathway responsible for 'closing down' gene activity in the mammalian cell. The finding is closely related to the Polycomb pathway ...

Researchers Discover Mechanism That Allows SINEUPs to Amplify Protein Production

Scientists have discovered that a pair of proteins play a key role in allowing an important type of functional non-coding RNA, known as SINEUPs, to act to promote their target messenger ...

New Cause of Inflammation in People With HIV Identified

A new study examined what factors could be contributing to inflammation, and they identified the inability to control HIV RNA production from existing HIV DNA as a potential key driver of ...

New Synthetic DNA Vaccine Against Powassan Virus

Scientists have designed and tested the first-of-its-kind synthetic DNA vaccine against Powassan virus (POWV), targeting portions of the virus envelope ...

Malaria Parasites Adapt to Survive the Dry Season

The main parasite that causes malaria can alter its gene expression to survive undetected in the human blood stream, new research has ...

Comparing Sensitivity of All Genes to Chemical Exposure

An environmental health scientist has used an unprecedented objective approach to identify which molecular mechanisms in mammals are the most sensitive to chemical ...

A Groundbreaking Genetic Screening Tool for Human Organoids

Researchers have developed CRISPR-LICHT, a revolutionary technology that allows genetic screens in human tissues such as brain organoids. By applying the novel technology to brain organoids, the ...

Study Identifies Pitfall for Correcting Mutations in Human Embryos With CRISPR

The most detailed analysis to date of CRISPR genome editing in human embryos finds a significant risk of chromosomal abnormalities when using the technique at earliest stage of human ...

Denisovan DNA in the Genome of Early East Asians

Researchers analyzed the genome of the oldest human fossil found in Mongolia to date and show that the 34,000-year-old woman inherited around 25 percent of her DNA from western Eurasians, ...

Genomic Study Reveals Role for Hypothalamus in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Using sophisticated 3D genomic mapping and integrating with public data resulting from genome-wide association studies (GWAS), researchers have found significant genetic correlations between ...

Mouse Studies Link Some Autism to Brain Cells That Guide Sociability and Platonic Love

Researchers report that new experiments with genetically engineered mice have found clear connections among a range of autism types and abnormalities in brain cells whose chemical output forges ...

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