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October 23, 2020

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Strong Link Found Between Abnormal Liver Tests and Poor COVID-19 Outcomes

Researchers found that patients with COVID-19 presented with abnormal liver tests at much higher rates than suggested by earlier studies. They also discovered that higher levels of liver enzymes -- ...

Fluoride May Diminish Kidney and Liver Function in Adolescents

Fluoride exposure may lead to a reduction in kidney and liver function among adolescents, according to a new ...

Too Much Caffeine During Pregnancy May Damage Baby's Liver

Having too much caffeine during pregnancy may impair baby's liver development and increase the risk of liver disease in adulthood, according to a new study. Pregnant rats given caffeine had offspring ...

Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis Deaths Skyrocket in Young Adults

Liver disease deaths jumped by 65 percent in the United States, from 1999-2016, disproportionately affecting adults ages 25-34. The increase in deaths among young adults was driven entirely by ...
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New Insights Into Mechanism of Therapy to Reduce Liver Fat and Prevent Fibrosis

Researchers have taken an important step forward in the goal of developing a potential treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver ...

Blood Tests Can Predict the Risk of Liver Cirrhosis

Repeated measurements of the biomarker FIB-4 in the blood every few years can predict the risk of developing severe liver disease, according to a new study. The risk of liver cirrhosis increases if ...

The Gut Shields the Liver from Fructose-Induced Damage

After one consumes food or a beverage containing fructose, the gastrointestinal system, or gut, helps to shield the liver from damage by breaking down the sugar before it reaches the liver, according ...

First Successful Delivery of Mitochondria to Liver Cells in Animals

This experiment marks the first time researchers have ever successfully introduced mitochondria into specific cells in living animals. The study lays the groundwork to address a serious gap in ...

Virus Co-Opts Immune Protein to Avoid Antiviral Defences

By discovering a trick the hepatitis C virus uses to evade the immune system, scientists have identified a new antiviral defence system that could be used to treat many virus infections, according to ...

Novel Antisense Drug Shows Promise in Slowing Fatty Liver Disease

A first-in-class clinical trial suggests a novel treatment measurably slowed progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to its more progressive and deadly ...

Immune Cell Discovery Could Improve the Fight Against Hepatitis B

Researchers have identified and described a new and unique subset of human cells that are involved in the immune response against hepatitis B (HBV) infection. The discovery could help develop new ...

Potential Drug Treatment Targets for Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

A team of researchers has uncovered key molecular step stones in ALD that may provide targets for drug therapy ...

Malaria Vaccine: Could This 'Ingredient' Be the Secret to Success?

Researchers have identified a microscopic 'ingredient' that can be added to a malaria vaccine for efficient protection against the deadly ...

Liver Surgery Success Boosted by Growth Hormone

Growth hormone has been identified as playing a key role in reducing inflammation and increasing survival rates following liver ...

How the Immune System Reacts to Hepatitis C Viruses

The interferon-stimulated gene C19orf66 plays an important role in the defence against hepatitis C viruses. Researchers have now studied how C19orf66 works. The results show that C19orf66 disrupts ...

Study Uncovers Increasing Global Rates of Liver Cancer

New research reveals rising rates of liver cancer around the world, despite advances aimed at preventing the ...

Researchers Help Restore Hormonal Balance Disrupted in Metabolic Diseases

Many health problems in the developed world stem from the disruption of a delicate metabolic balance between glucose production and energy utilization in the liver. Now scientists report that they ...

Even Damaged Livers Can Handle Life-Saving Medication

Doctors used to make patients with drug-induced liver injury stop taking all their medications until the liver healed, but this could be dangerous. Now, researchers report in two recent papers that ...

Possible New Treatment Strategy for Fatty Liver Disease

Researchers have identified a molecular pathway that when silenced could restore the normal function of immune cells in people with fatty liver disease. The findings could lead to new strategies for ...

Too Much of a Good Thing May Lead to Too Much of a Liver as Well

Researchers suggest that prolonged exposure to a pair of antioxidant proteins may contribute to enlargement of the liver and fatty liver ...

Natural Compound in Vegetables Helps Fight Fatty Liver Disease

A new study shows how a natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables can also be used to fight fatty liver ...

Two Enzymes Control Liver Damage in NASH

After identifying a molecular pathway that allows nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) to progress into liver cell death, researchers were able to use these pathways to halt further liver ...

New Path for Reversing Type-2 Diabetes and Liver Fibrosis

In a pair of related studies, a team of researchers has found a way to reverse type-2 diabetes and liver fibrosis in mice, and has shown that the underlying processes are conserved in ...

Liver Fibrosis 'Off Switch' Discovered in Mice

Researchers identified several genetic switches, or transcription factors, that determine whether or not liver cells produce collagen -- providing a new therapeutic target for liver ...

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