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November 11, 2020

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Acidic Niche Keeps Lymphatic System in Check During Immune Response

Researchers describe a novel acidic niche within lymph nodes that plays an integral role in regulating T cell ...

The Fight Goes On: Clinical Trial Shows Promising New Treatment for Rare Blood Cancer

Although lymphoma is one of the most common types of blood cancer, it has a rare subtype for which no effective treatment regimens are known. For the first time, researchers have conducted clinical ...

Novel Antiviral Targeted Drug for Nasopharyngeal Cancer

A research team has developed a novel anti-Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) drug that can selectively disrupt a viral protein produced by EBV, leading to the shrinkage of tumors caused by the virus. It is ...

Lymphatic Vessels in Mice and Humans: Alike Yet Different

In an international collaboration, researchers have mapped the lymph node lymphatic vessels in mice and humans down to the level of individual cells. The results may eventually help scientists to ...

New Front Opened in Fight Against Common Cancer Driver

Researchers have revealed a new vulnerability in lymphomas that are driven by one of the most common cancer-causing changes in cells. The team hopes that this could be a new target for treating a ...

Falling Risk of Heart Disease Among Survivors of Child Cancer Since the 1970s

There has been a measurable decline in serious heart conditions among adult survivors of childhood cancer since the 1970s, finds a new ...

Dose of Medication More Likely to Put Patients With Pemphigus Into Remission

Researchers compare a lymphoma-dose regimen of rituximab to a rheumatoid arthritis regimen for the treatment of ...

Advanced Cancer Drug Shrinks and Intercalates DNA

A new study has found that the drug first forces itself between the strands of the DNA molecule's double helix, prying them apart. It then compacts the structures by partially neutralizing their ...

Lymphoma Stage at Diagnosis May Predict When and Where New Cancer Forms

A new study shows the stage at which lymphoma is originally diagnosed impacts the types of second cancers that may form after ...

Cancer Data Provide Insights Into Occurrence, Overdiagnosis, and Treatment Advances

Investigators analyzed 40 years of cancer burden data and examined patterns of incidence and mortality for various cancers, finding examples for which incidence and mortality moved in concert and ...

A New Path to Cancer Therapy: Developing Simultaneous Multiplexed Gene Editing Technology

Scientists have developed a new gene editing system that could be used for anticancer immunotherapy through the simultaneous suppression of proteins that interfere with the immune system expressed on ...

Having a Parent, Sibling, or Child With Blood Cancer Increases One's Own Risk

New data suggest that people who have a parent, sibling, or child with blood cancer have a higher likelihood of being diagnosed with the ...

Researchers Unveil Experimental Compound to Block Therapeutic Target in Blood Cancer

Researchers have discovered a hyperactive cell signal that contributes to tumor growth in primary effusion lymphoma, an aggressive type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma caused by infection with the ...

High Doses of 60 Plus-Year-Old Chemo Drug Found to Spur Immune System Attack on Lymphoma

Cyclophosphamide, a mainstay of chemotherapy for many cancers, acts as both chemotherapy and immunotherapy at high doses, study ...

Lymphoma Trial Finds Combination Targeted Therapy Effective Prior to Chemotherapy

Results of a Phase II clinical trial revealed that combination targeted therapy, consisting of rituximab, lenalidomide and ibrutinib (RLI), had an 84.6 percent overall response rate (ORR) and 38.5% ...

Immunotherapy Drug Found Safe in Treating Cancer Patients With HIV, Study Suggests

The results of a new study suggest that patients living with HIV and one of a variety of potentially deadly cancers could be safely treated with the immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab, also known by ...

New Roles for Common Oncogene MYC

Cancer researchers have discovered surprising new functions for a protein called MYC, a powerful oncogene that is estimated to drive the development of almost half a million new cancer cases in the ...

New Evidence Supports Surgery for Rare Type of Brain Lymphoma

Researchers have identified a distinct subtype of primary central nervous system (PCNS) lymphoma that should be considered for surgical removal, suggesting a major shift in how this type of tumor is ...

Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Benefit Remains Unclear

Meaningful studies are lacking for certain patient groups. Disease-specific registries could help close the data ...

Why Lymphoma Patients May Become Resistant to Specific Therapy

Researchers have discovered a mechanism of drug resistance to Venetoclax®, also known as ABT-199, a BCL-2 targeting drug commonly used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia and acute myeloid ...

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