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December 8, 2020

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Are People Healthy Enough to Retire Later?

While many people are now enjoying longer, healthier lives, current retirement ages are posing challenges for both policymakers and retirees. A new study looked into whether there is potential to ...

Parents Less Aware When Their Kids Vape Than When They Smoke

Most parents know or suspect when their child smokes, but they are much more likely to be in the dark if the child vapes or uses other tobacco products, according to a large national U.S. ...

Accurate Labels Like 'Aerosol' or 'Chemicals' Increase Perceived Risks of E-Cigarette Use

Accurately labeling e-cigarette emissions as 'chemicals' or 'aerosols' rather than 'vapor' increases the perceived risk of exposure, researchers have found. Higher ...

Food Safety Model May Help Pandemic Management

No precedent exists for managing the COVID-19 pandemic, although a plan for working through major public food scares may point to the best ways of alerting and communicating with the ...

Global Deaths Due to Smokeless Tobacco Are Up by a Third, According to New Study

The number of deaths globally due to smokeless tobacco has gone up by a third in 7 years to an estimated 350,000 people, a new study ...

Schooling Is Critical for Cognitive Health Throughout Life

New research suggests that education provides little to no protection against the onset of cognitive declines later in life. It can, however, boost the cognitive skills people develop earlier in ...

Flavored Cigarette Ban Significantly Reduced Youth Smoking, New Study Finds

Researchers analyzed National Survey on Drug Use and Health data to test the effect of the 2009 U.S. flavored cigarette ban. The study found the ban reduced underage smoking by 43% and smoking among ...

COVID-19 Pandemic Could Decimate Outdoor Environmental, Science Education Programs

A survey of 1,000 outdoor education programs nationwide finds that nearly two-thirds are in danger of folding because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such programs connect youth with the world around them ...

Revealing Links Between Education and a Good Diet

Educational status appears to have positive influence on a healthy diet, particularly in low income countries, according to new research examining European nutritional ...

Alcohol and Tobacco Policies Can Reduce Cancer Deaths

Policies aimed at cutting alcohol and tobacco consumption, including the introduction of random breath testing programs and bans on cigarette advertising, have resulted in a significant reduction in ...

Prescribed Opioids Associated With Overdose Risk for Family Members Without Prescriptions

Access to family members' drugs may be a strong risk factor for overdose in individuals without their own prescriptions, according to a new ...

Pre-Qualifying Education and Training Helps Health Workers Tackle Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) could be tackled more effectively by giving healthcare students wider and more practical education and training in identifying and responding to the 'warning ...

Visible Public Health Leadership Needed to Boost Vaccine Coverage

Public health experts are calling for local directors of public health to provide visible leadership to address the recent systematic deterioration of vaccine coverage ...

Child Deaths in Brazil Fall Following Comprehensive Smoking Ban

Child deaths have fallen in Brazil following complete smoking bans in public places, according to a new ...

New Recommendations for Stroke Systems of Care to Improve Patient Outcomes

To translate advances in scientific knowledge and innovations in stroke care into improvements in patient outcomes, comprehensive stroke systems of care must be in place to facilitate optimal stroke ...

OxyContin Reformulation to Curb Opioid Abuse Led to Hepatitis C Surge, Study Finds

Public health officials have blamed the shift from prescription opioids to injectable heroin as a cause of the rise in hepatitis C cases. A new study provides the best evidence to date that ...

Low-Income, Rural Kids at Higher Risk for Second Or Third-Hand Smoke Exposure

Infants and toddlers in low-income, rural areas may be at higher risk for second- and third-hand smoke than previously reported, according to new ...

Key to Lifelong Heart Health Is Childhood Intervention

Evolving evidence shows that heart healthy habits in adults are rooted in the environments we live in in early childhood, representing a window of opportunity in young children to focus on health ...

Students in Health Enrichment Programs Benefit from Early Team-Based Exposure

A study provides new evidence that early exposure to multiple health disciplines in pipeline programs targeting underserved/underrepresented students interested in health professions reduces the ...

Parent Educational Tools on Pain Relief Help Reduce Babies' Vaccination Distress

Information provided to new parents in hospital about how to alleviate pain for their babies during vaccination resulted in more frequent use of pain interventions at future infant ...

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