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November 11, 2020

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Power-Free System Harnesses Evaporation to Keep Items Cool

Researchers have developed a two-layer passive cooling system, made of hydrogel and aerogel, that can keep foods and pharmaceuticals cool for days without the need for ...

Scientists Design Magnets With Outstanding Properties

An international team has discovered a novel way to design magnets with outstanding physical properties, which could make them complementary to, or even competitive with traditional inorganic ...

Swirl Power: How Gentle Body Movement Will Charge Your Mobile Phone

Scientists have discovered a way to generate electricity from nylon - the stretchy fabric used widely in sportswear and other shape-hugging apparel - raising hopes that the clothes on our backs will ...

Research Lays Groundwork for Ultra-Thin, Energy Efficient Photodetector on Glass

Though we may not always realize it, photodetectors contribute greatly to the convenience of modern life. Also known as photosensors, photodetectors ...
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Building a Quantum Network One Node at a Time

Researchers create 'optically active spin arrays' within a device that could serve as a node for exchanging photons with distant ...

New Technique Extends Next-Generation Lithium Metal Batteries

Engineering researchers have found that alkali metal additives, such as potassium ions, can prevent lithium microstructure proliferation during battery use. They used a combination of microscopy, ...

Divide and Conquer--Modular Controller Design Strategy Makes Upgrading Power Grids Easier

Scientists have developed a novel approach for the modular design of controllers for large-scale network systems. Their strategy, which provides a completely decentralized method to design ...

3D Print Experts Discover How to Make Tomorrow's Technology Using Ink-Jet Printed Graphene

Researchers have cracked the conundrum of how to use inks to 3D-print novel electronic devices with useful properties, such as an ability to convert light into ...

Increasing the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells

Organic solar cells are cheaper to produce and more flexible than their counterparts made of crystalline silicon, but do not offer the same level of efficiency or stability. Researchers demonstrated ...

'Transparent Solar Cells' Can Take Us Towards a New Era of Personalized Energy

Solar power has shown immense potential as a futuristic, 'clean' source of energy. No wonder environmentalists worldwide have been looking for ways to advance the current solar cell ...

Microfluidics Helps Engineers Watch Viral Infection in Real Time

Watching a viral infection happen in real time is like a cross between a zombie horror film, paint drying, and a Bollywood epic on repeat. Over a 10-hour span, chemical engineers from Michigan Tech ...

Room Temperature Conversion of CO2 to CO: A New Way to Synthesize Hydrocarbons

Researchers have demonstrated a room-temperature method that could significantly reduce carbon dioxide levels in fossil-fuel power plant exhaust, one of the main sources of carbon emissions in the ...

An Underwater Navigation System Powered by Sound

Underwater backscatter localization could allow for battery-free ocean exploration. The system is akin to subsea GPS and has potential applications in marine conservation, aquaculture, underwater ...

Rotation of a Molecule as an 'Internal Clock'

Using a new method, physicists have investigated the ultrafast fragmentation of hydrogen molecules in intense laser fields in detail. They used the rotation of the molecule triggered by a laser pulse ...

A World Record in Detecting Extremely Low Levels of Gas Impurities

Photoacoustic spectroscopy applied to background-free analyses was used to measure unprecedentedly small trace gas concentrations. Researchers developed detection methods that make it possible to ...

Smart Tablecloth Can Find Fruit and Help With Watering the Plants

This interactive fabric can identify items and find lost valuables. When an object or an object's status is determined, the fabric can trigger a desired action or ...

Flash Graphene Rocks Strategy for Plastic Waste

Scientists advance a new technique to make graphene from waste with a focus on ...

Predictive Model Reveals Function of Promising Energy Harvester Device

A small energy harvesting device that can transform subtle mechanical vibrations into electrical energy could be used to power wireless sensors and actuators for use in anything from temperature and ...

A New Method to Measure Optical Absorption in Semiconductor Crystals

Researchers have revealed more details about omnidirectional photoluminescence (ODPL) spectroscopy - a method for probing semiconducting crystals with light to detect defects and ...

New Sulfur Dioxide Conversion Method May Transform Current Industrial Techniques

A single-step, plasma-enhanced catalytic process to convert sulfur dioxide to pure sulfur from tail gas streams may provide a promising, more environmentally-friendly alternative to current ...

Soil-Powered Fuel Cell Promises Cheap, Sustainable Water Purification

Soil microbial fuel cells proven to be capable of creating energy to filter a person's daily drinking water in Brazil ...

Tailoring 2D Materials to Improve Electronic and Optical Devices

New possibilities for future developments in electronic and optical devices have been unlocked by recent advancements in two-dimensional (2D) ...

How to Design Organic Solar Cell Materials

Scientists have recently scrutinized organic solar cells and derived design rules for light-absorbing dyes that can help to make these cells more efficient, while tailoring the absorption spectrum of ...

Photovoltaics Industry Can Help Meet Paris Agreement Targets

To meet the Paris Agreement's goal of preventing Earth's average temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial level, one of the best options for the energy ...

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