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December 13, 2020

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Role of Quantum Vibrations in Electron Transfer

Scientists are reporting evidence that quantum vibrations participate in electron transfer, establishing with ultrafast laser spectroscopy that the vibrations provide channels through which the ...

New Blended Solar Cells Yield High Power Conversion Efficiencies

Researchers have blended together various polymer and molecular semiconductors as photo-absorbers to create a solar cell with increased power efficiencies and electricity ...

Engineering Discovery Challenges Heat Transfer Paradigm That Guides Electronic and Photonic Device Design

A research breakthrough demonstrates a new mechanism to control temperature and extend the lifetime of electronic and photonic devices such as ...

New Tools 'Turn On' Quantum Gases of Ultracold Molecules

Researchers have developed tools to 'turn on' quantum gases of ultracold molecules, gaining control of long-distance molecular interactions for potential applications such as encoding data for ...
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Controlling Multiple Wavelengths of Light from a Single Source

Researchers have synthesized a collection of nanoparticles, known as carbon dots, capable of emitting multiple wavelengths of light from a single particle. Additionally, the team discovered that the ...

New Theoretical Approach to Manipulate Light

The quest to discover pioneering new ways in which to manipulate how light travels through electromagnetic materials has taken a new, unusual ...

Research Team Invents Novel Light-Controlled Contamination-Free Fluidic Processor for Advanced Medical and Industrial Applications

A mechanical engineering research team has invented a novel light-controlled, contamination-free fluidic processor, which can serve as a useful tool to greatly reduce the risk of infection of ...

Two Related Discoveries Advance Basic and Applied Additive Manufacturing Research

A research team has made two discoveries that can expand additive manufacturing in aerospace and other industries that rely on strong metal ...

Researchers Develop Unique Process for Producing Light-Matter Mixture

In groundbreaking new research, an international team of researchers has developed a unique process for producing a quantum state that is part light and part ...

Aluminium Alloy Research Could Benefit Manned Space Missions

Manned space missions in spacecraft made of aluminium that is light yet resistant to radiation could be a step ...

To Accelerate or Decelerate in the Light-Emitting Process of Zinc-Oxide Crystals

A recent study has measured the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) of Zinc-Oxide (ZnO) crystals in both the light-emitting process and non-light-emitting ...

Ionic Defect Landscape in Perovskite Solar Cells Revealed

Researchers have uncovered the ionic defect landscape in metal halide perovskites. They were able to identify essential properties of the ions that make up these materials. The migration of the ions ...

Molecules Convert Visible Light Into Ultraviolet Light With Record Efficiency

A newly developed molecular system makes possible the efficient conversion of even weak visible light from sunlight and indoor LEDs into ultraviolet ...

Reversible Stickiness Is Something to Smile About

Researchers report a cross-linker for dental cement that breaks down under UV light, making treatments easier to ...

Optimising Laser-Driven Electron Acceleration

Researchers reviewed the characteristics of electron acceleration in a vacuum caused by the highest-power laser pulses achievable today looking for the key to maximum net energy ...

Chemists Get Peek at Novel Fluorescence

Chemists find a second level of fluorescence in single-walled carbon nanotubes. The phenomenon may be useful in solar energy and optoelectronic ...

Dark Excitons Hit the Spotlight

Heralding the end of a decade-long quest, in a promising new class of extremely thin, two-dimensional semiconductors, scientists have for the first time directly visualized and measured elusive ...

Mapping Quantum Structures With Light to Unlock Their Capabilities

A new tool that uses light to map out the electronic structures of crystals could reveal the capabilities of emerging quantum materials and pave the way for advanced energy technologies and quantum ...

Researchers Confront Optics and Data-Transfer Challenges With 3D-Printed Lens

Researchers have developed new 3D-printed microlenses with adjustable refractive indices - a property that gives them highly specialized light-focusing abilities. This advancement is poised to ...

Scientists Invent a New Type of Microscope That Can See Through an Intact Skull

Researchers invented a new type of microscope called reflective matrix microscope, which uses adaptive optics ...

Nanomaterials Enable Dual-Mode Heating and Cooling Device

Engineers have demonstrated a dual-mode heating and cooling device for building climate control that, if widely deployed in the U.S., could cut HVAC energy use by nearly 20 percent. The invention ...

Astronomers developed a new method to calibrate detectors to the light from dust in our Galaxy, thereby describing a new physics, with 99.2 percent accuracy, that may show parity symmetry ...

AI Reduces Computational Time Required to Study Fate of Molecules Exposed to Light

Light-induced processes are critical in transformative technologies such as solar energy harvesting, as well as in photomedicine and photoresponsive materials. Theoretical studies of the dynamics of ...

Engineers Combine Light and Sound to See Underwater

Engineers have developed an airborne method for imaging underwater objects by combining light and sound to break through the seemingly impassable barrier at the interface of air and ...

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