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November 13, 2020

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Key Advance for Printing Circuitry on Wearable Fabrics

Electronic shirts that keep the wearer comfortably warm or cool, as well as medical fabrics that deliver drugs, monitor the condition of a wound and perform other tasks, may one day be manufactured ...

Sensor for Smart Textiles Survives Washing Machine, Cars and Hammers

If the smart textiles of the future are going to survive all that we throw at them, their components are going to need to be resilient. Now, researchers have developed an ultra-sensitive, seriously ...

Swirl Power: How Gentle Body Movement Will Charge Your Mobile Phone

Scientists have discovered a way to generate electricity from nylon - the stretchy fabric used widely in sportswear and other shape-hugging apparel - raising hopes that the clothes on our backs will ...

Wearable-Tech Glove Translates Sign Language Into Speech in Real Time

Bioengineers have designed a glove-like device that can translate American Sign Language into English speech in real time though a smartphone app. The system includes a pair of gloves with thin, ...
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Creating Stretchable Thermoelectric Generators

For the first time, a soft and stretchable organic thermoelectric module has been created that can harvest energy from body heat. The breakthrough was enabled by a new composite material that may ...

Gold-Coated Pantyhose Inspire a Technique for Comfortable Light-Emitting Clothing

An approach for developing light-emitting fabric based on typical ultrasheer pantyhose coated in a thin gold film may enable the development of softer, more wearable luminous clothing, researchers ...

This Wearable Device Camouflages Its Wearer No Matter the Weather

Researchers have developed a wearable technology that can hide its wearer from heat-detecting sensors such as night vision goggles, even when the ambient temperature changes -- a feat that current ...

Fur-Friendly 'Wearable for Pets' and Their Humans

Researchers have invented a new health tracking sensor for pets and people that monitors vital signs through fur or ...

Stretchable, Wearable Coils May Make MRI, Other Medical Tests Easier on Patients

A team created an adaptable, wearable and stretchable fabric embroidered with conductive threads that provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio for enhanced MRI ...

Diagnostics: Thermometer Can Be Stretched and Crumpled by Water

A research team developed a flexible ionic conductor that is water-processable and thermal ...

New Stretchable Battery Can Power Wearable Electronics

The adoption of wearable electronics has so far been limited by their need to derive power from bulky, rigid batteries that reduce comfort and may present safety hazards due to chemical leakage or ...

Development of a Stretchable Vibration-Powered Device Using a Liquid Electret

Researchers developed a liquid electret material capable of semi-permanently retaining static electricity. They subsequently combined this material with soft electrodes to create the first bendable, ...

Engineers Creating Miniaturized, Wireless Oxygen Sensor for Sick Infants

Researchers are developing a sensor the size of a Band-Aid that will measure a baby's blood oxygen levels, a vital indication of the lungs' effectiveness and whether the baby's tissue ...

Shape-Changing Textiles Powered Only by Body Heat

A new study details the development of a temperature-responsive textile that can be used to create self-fitting garments powered only by body ...

Flexible, Wearable Supercapacitors Based on Porous Nanocarbon Nanocomposites

Evening gowns with interwoven LEDs may look extravagant, but the light sources need a constant power supply from devices that are as well wearable, durable, and lightweight. Chinese scientists have ...

That New Yarn? Wearable, Washable Textile Devices Are Possible With MXene-Coated Yarns

Researchers have figured out how to add more conductivity into functional fabric devices, by coating yarns with a 2-dimensional carbon-based material called MXene, to make conductive threads. The ...

New Health Monitors Are Flexible, Transparent and Graphene Enabled

New technological devices are prioritizing non-invasive tracking of vital signs not only for fitness monitoring, but also for the prevention of common health problems such as heart failure, ...

Electronic Glove Offers 'Humanlike' Features for Prosthetic Hand Users

An electronic glove, or e-glove, developed by researchers can be worn over a prosthetic hand to provide human-like softness, warmth, appearance and sensory perception, such as the ability to sense ...

Laser Printing Tech Produces Waterproof E-Textiles in Minutes

In just three minutes, the laser printing approach can produce a 10x10 cm smart textile patch that's waterproof, stretchable and easily integrated with solar or other sources of ...

Nylon as a Building Block for Transparent Electronic Devices?

Scientists have solved a four decade long challenge of producing very thin nylon films that can be used for instance in electronic memory components. The thin nylon films are several 100 times ...

Wireless Sensors That Stick to the Skin to Track Our Health

Engineers have developed experimental stickers that pick up physiological signals emanating from the skin, then wirelessly beam these health readings to a receiver clipped onto clothing. It's ...

This Designer Clothing Lets Users Turn on Electronics While Turning Away Bacteria

Purdue University researchers have developed a new fabric innovation that allows the wearer to control electronic devices through the ...

'Smart' Textiles Boost Connectivity Between Wearable Sensors by 1,000 Times

Researchers have incorporated metamaterials into conventional clothing to dramatically improve signal strength between wearable electronic devices. This innovation could have future applications in ...

Washable Electronic Textiles to Usher in an Era of Even Smarter Wearable Products

With the wearable electronic device market having firmly established itself in the 21st century, active research is being conducted on electronic textiles, which are textiles (e.g. clothing) capable ...

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