Brain-Computer Interfaces 亚博棋牌平台
December 14, 2020

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Meditation for Mind-Control

Scientists have discovered that mindful meditation can help subjects learn and improve the ability to mind-control brain computer interfaces ...

A Computer Predicts Your Thoughts, Creating Images Based on Them

Researchers have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals. In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking ...

First 'Plug and Play' Brain Prosthesis Demoed in Paralyzed Person

In a significant advance, researchers working towards a brain-controlled prosthetic limb at the UC San Francisco Weill Institute for Neurosciences have shown that machine learning techniques helped a ...

How the Brain's Internal States Affect Decision-Making

By recording the activity of separate populations of neurons simultaneously, researchers have gained an unprecedented insight into how the 'waxing and waning' of our mental state influences the ...
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For Neural Research, Wireless Chip Shines Light on the Brain

Researchers have developed a chip that is powered wirelessly and can be surgically implanted to read neural signals and stimulate the brain with both light and electrical current. The technology has ...

Real Neurons Are Noisy: Can Neural Implants Figure That Out?

Signals sent from the retina to the brain have a lot of background noise, yet we see the world clearly. Researchers show that to achieve visual clarity the brain must accurately measure how this ...

Ultra-Low Power Brain Implants Find Meaningful Signal in Grey Matter Noise

By tuning into a subset of brain waves, researchers have dramatically reduced the power requirements of neural interfaces while improving their accuracy -- a discovery that could lead to long-lasting ...

Improved Neural Probe Can Pose Precise Questions Without Losing Parts of the Answers

A technique for studying individual circuits in the brains of mice has been hampered because the light needed to stimulate neural activity briefly overwhelms the electrodes 'listening' for ...

Brain Mapping Study Suggests Motor Regions for the Hand Also Connect to the Entire Body

Investigators report that they have used microelectrode arrays implanted in human brains to map out motor functions down to the level of the single nerve cell. The study revealed that an area ...

How Neural Circuits Drive Hungry Individuals to Peak Performance

Success is no accident: To reach your goal you need perseverance. But where does the motivation come from? Scientists have now identified the neural circuit in the brain of fruit flies which makes ...

Brain-Computer Interfaces Without the Mess

It sounds like science fiction: controlling electronic devices with brain waves. But researchers have developed a new type of electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode that can do just that, without the ...

A Smart Artificial Hand for Amputees Merges User and Robotic Control

Scientists have successfully tested new neuroprosthetic technology that combines robotic control with users' voluntary control, opening avenues in the new interdisciplinary field of shared ...

The Future of Mind Control

Scientists are blurring the distinction between brain and machine, designing nanoelectronics that look, move, and feel like real neurons. Camouflaged in the brain, this technology could offer a ...

Brain Waves Detected in Mini-Brains Grown in a Dish

Scientists have created miniature brains from stem cells that developed functional neural networks. Despite being a million times smaller than human brains, these lab-grown brains are the first ...

New Study Shows How Autism Can Be Measured Through a Non-Verbal Marker

Researchers have identified a non-verbal, neural marker of autism. This marker shows that individuals with autism are slower to dampen neural activity in response to visual signals in the brain. This ...

Scientists Can Now Manipulate Brain Cells Using Smartphone

A team of scientists have invented a device that can control neural circuits using a tiny brain implant controlled by a smartphone. The device could speed up efforts to uncover brain diseases such as ...

Electronic Chip Mimics the Brain to Make Memories in a Flash

Engineers have mimicked the human brain with an electronic chip that uses light to create and modify ...

Understanding Brain Activity When You Name What You See

Using complex statistical methods and fast measurement techniques, researchers found how the brain network comes up with the right word and enables us to say ...

First-Ever Successful Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm Without Brain Implants

Researchers have made a breakthrough in the field of noninvasive robotic device control. Using a noninvasive brain-computer interface (BCI), researchers have developed the first-ever successful ...

How Electrical Stimulation Reorganizes the Brain

Recordings of neural activity during therapeutic stimulation can be used to predict subsequent changes in brain connectivity, according to a study of epilepsy patients. This approach could inform ...

Neuron and Synapse-Mimetic Spintronics Devices Developed

A research group has developed spintronics devices which are promising for future energy-efficient and adoptive computing systems, as they behave like neurons and synapses in the human ...

Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation Could Lead to New Treatments

A new article suggests that recent advances in deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson disease could lead to treatments for conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Gilles de la ...

Bungee Jumping for Science

Immediately before a person decides to launch themselves off a bridge for a bungee jump, there is a measurable increase in their brain activity. This can be recorded nearly one second before the ...

Bioengineers Create Ultrasmall, Light-Activated Electrode for Neural Stimulation

Scientists have detailed a less invasive method of neural stimulation that would use an untethered ultrasmall electrode activated by light, a technique that may mitigate damage done by current ...

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