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October 20, 2020

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Losing Flight Had Huge Benefits for Ants

Researchers have taken detailed scans of worker ants to examine the hypothesis that the loss of flight is directly connected to the evolution of ...

Monkey Study Suggests That They, Like Humans, May Have 'Self-Domesticated'

Scientists determined that changing an infant monkey's verbal development also changed a physical marker of domesticity: a patch of white fur on its forehead. This is the first study linking the ...

Prenatal Cannabis Exposure Linked to Cognitive Deficits, Altered Behavior

Regular cannabis exposure in rats during pregnancy may cause their offspring to have long-term cognitive deficiencies, asocial behavior, and anxiety later in ...

Hunger Encourages Risk-Taking

An insufficient food supply causes animals to engage in higher-risk behavior: the willingness to take risks rises by an average of 26 per cent in animals that have experienced hunger earlier in their ...
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Animals Lose Fear of Predators Rapidly After They Start Encountering Humans

Most wild animals show a suite of predator avoidance behaviors such as vigilance, freezing, and fleeing. But these are quickly reduced after the animals come into contact with humans through ...

New Theory Predicts Movement of Different Animals Using Sensing to Search

A research team has developed a new theory that can predict the movement of an animal's sensory organs -- such as eyes, ears and nose -- while searching for something vital to its ...

Like Humans, Chimpanzees Can Suffer for Life If Orphaned Before Adulthood

A new study shows that orphaned male chimpanzees are less competitive and have fewer offspring of their own than those who continue to live with their mothers. The remaining puzzle is, what is it ...

Chaotic 'Lévy Walks' Are a Good Strategy for Animals

A new article explains the advantage that animals have of using a specific type of chaotic type of movement called a 'Lévy walk,' and how this type of behavior emerges. Using computer ...

Researchers Discover How Worms Pass Down Knowledge Through the Generations

Researchers have discovered that the microscopic roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans recognizes a small RNA made by a pathogenic bacterium, and uses that RNA to convey learned avoidance of the bacterium ...

Epidemics and Pandemics Can Exacerbate Xenophobia, Bigotry

Instincts developed to protect us from illnesses can generalize into avoidance of healthy individuals who simply look, speak or live ...

Tortoise Hatchlings Are Attracted to Faces from Birth

Tortoises are born with a natural preference for faces, according to new ...

Reprogramming Brain Cells Enables Flexible Decision-Making

Humans, like other animals, have the ability to constantly adapt to new situations. Researchers have utilized a mouse model to reveal which neurons in the brain are in command in guiding adaptive ...

Extremely Social Robotic Fish Helps Unravel Collective Patterns of Animal Groups

Using state-of-the-art robotics, a research team shows that animals' speed is fundamental for collective behavioral patterns, and that ultimately it is the faster individuals that have the ...

Chimpanzees Show Greater Behavioral and Cultural Diversity in More Variable Environments

Scientists have investigated the influence of environmental variability on the behavioral repertoires of 144 social groups. The scientists found that chimpanzees living further away from historical ...

New Shark Research Targets a Nearly Endangered Species

They are some of the most iconic and unique-looking creatures in our oceans. While some may think they look a bit 'odd,' one thing researchers agree on is that little is known about ...

Acorn Woodpeckers Wage Days-Long Battles Over Vacant Territories, Radio Tag Data Show

When acorn woodpeckers inhabiting high-quality territories die, nearby birds begin a battle royal to win the vacant spot. Researchers used radio tags to understand the immense effort woodpecker ...

Pollination: Air Pollution Renders Flower Odors Unattractive to Moths

Researchers showed that tobacco hawkmoths lost attraction to the scent of their preferred flowers when that scent had been altered by ozone. This oxidizing pollutant thus disturbs the chemical ...

In Butterfly Battle of Sexes, Males Deploy 'Chastity Belts' but Females Fight Back

Some male butterflies seal their mate's genitalia with a waxy 'chastity belt' to prevent future liaisons. But female butterflies can fight back. Could this sexual one-upmanship ...

Birds Can Learn from Others to Be More Daring

New research into highly social yet invasive house sparrows reveals that they can learn from each other and adapt their ...

Common Species Mirror Rare Animals' Response to Global Change

A study of more than 2,000 species reveals animal populations around the world - from the very common to endangered species - are going up and down as global change alters land, sea and freshwater ...

Eye of a Fly: Researchers Reveal Secrets of Fly Vision for Rapid Flight Control

By examining how fruit flies use eye movements to enhance flight control with a staggeringly fast reaction speed -- about 30 times faster than the blink of an eye -- researchers have detailed a ...

Differing Diets of Bonobo Groups May Offer Insights Into How Culture Is Created

Besides humans, many other social animals are believed to exhibit forms of culture in various ways, too. According to primatologists, bonobos, one of our closest living relatives, could be the latest ...

Songbirds Reduce Reproduction to Help Survive Drought

New research suggests tropical songbirds in both the Old and New Worlds reduce reproduction during severe droughts, and this - somewhat surprisingly -- may actually increase their survival ...

Genetic Link Between Cattle Temperament and Autism in Humans

Researchers have discovered that cattle share an overlap of genes with humans that are critical in brain function and response to fear stimuli. The results open the way for research conducted on ...

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