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November 10, 2020

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Half-a-Billion Year Old Microfossils May Yield New Knowledge of Animal Origins

When and how did the first animals appear? Science has long sought an answer. Researchers have now jointly found, in Greenland, embryo-like ...

Cell Aging Can Be Slowed by Oxidants

At high concentrations, reactive oxygen species - known as oxidants - are harmful to cells in all organisms and have been linked to aging. But a new study, has now shown that low levels of the ...

Model of Multicellular Evolution Overturns Classic Theory

Cells can evolve specialized functions under a much broader range of conditions than previously thought, according to a ...

Criss-Crossing Viruses Give Rise to Peculiar Hybrid Variants

Biologists investigate a recently discovered class of viruses that have taken the characteristic versatility of the viral world to new heights. Referred to as cruciviruses, these minute forms reveal ...
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A Key Player Behind Parental Chromosome Matching During Meiosis

Researchers have clarified how homologous chromosome pairing -- a process necessary for sperm and egg formation where paternally- and maternally-derived chromosomes match and exchange genetic ...

How Cell Processes Round Up and Dump Damaged Proteins

Reporting unexpected processes, chemists say they have discovered how an enzyme known as UCH37 regulates a cell's waste management ...

Model for Acid-Tolerant Yeast Helps Guide Industrial Organic Acid Production

Microbes and other microscopic organisms could serve as sustainable 'factories' to create many types of industrial materials because they naturally convert nutrients such as sugars into ...

Biologists Create 'Atlas' of Gene Expression in Neurons, Documenting Diversity of Brain Cells

Researchers have created a 'developmental atlas' of gene expression in neurons, using gene sequencing and machine learning to categorize more than 250,000 neurons in the brains of fruit ...

Breakdown of Gene Coordination During Aging Suggests a Substantial Challenge to Longevity

Researchers report evidence that supports, for the first time, a longstanding theory on the aging process in cells. Using a novel approach from physics, they developed a computational method that ...

Scientists identified a novel family of sensors in the first layer of cells inside the suction cups that have adapted to react and detect molecules that don't dissolve well in water. The ...

How the Immune System Deals With the Gut's Plethora of Microbes

New research suggests that our immune system may play an active role in shaping the digestive-tract flora, which is tightly linked to health and ...

New Gelatin Microcarrier for Cell Production

Researchers developed a novel microcarrier for large-scale cell production and expansion that offers higher yield and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods, and reduces steps required in ...

Learning the Language of Sugars

We're told not to eat too much sugar, but in reality, all of our cells are covered in sugar molecules called glycans. Glycans regulate many important processes including infection by bacteria ...

Scientists Discover New Organic Compounds That Could Have Helped Form the First Cells

Chemists studying how life started often focus on biopolymers like peptides and nucleic acids, but modern biopolymers don't form easily without help from living organisms. A possible solution to ...

Scientists Uncover Prophage Defense Mechanisms Against Phage Attacks in Mycobacteria

Researchers have uncovered a two-component system of Butters prophage genes that encode proteins that 'collaborate' to block entry and subsequent infection of some phages, but not others. ...

Researchers Reveal Why Heat Stress Damages Sperm

Biologists have used the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans to identify molecular mechanisms that produce DNA damage in sperm and contribute to male infertility following exposure to ...

Ancient Origins of Speed Control During Movement

Movement in animals is complex. Little has been known about how spinal inhibitory interneurons work to silence other neurons and related muscle groups in coordination with the active muscle groups ...

Delivering Proteins to Testes Could Someday Treat Male Infertility

According to the Mayo Clinic, about 15% of couples are infertile, and male infertility plays a role in over one-third of these cases. Often, problems with sperm development are to blame. Now, ...

Transcription Factors May Inadvertently Lock in DNA Mistakes

A team of researchers has found that transcription factors have a tendency to bind strongly to 'mismatched' sections of DNA, i.e. sections of the genome that were not copied correctly. The ...

The Consequences of Mating at the Molecular Level

Researchers identified a novel mechanism by which mating affects the behavior of germline stem cells (GSCs). By studying Drosophila melanogaster, the researchers showed that the neurons that are ...

The Road to Uncovering a Novel Mechanism for Disposing of Misfolded Proteins

The discovery of the cause of a rare liver disease in babies led to uncovering a novel cellular mechanism for disposing of misfolded proteins that has implications for neurodegenerative conditions of ...

Childlessness by Circumstance

In birds and other species alike, pairs can face considerable difficulties with reproduction. Scientists have now shown in an extensive analysis of 23,000 zebra finch eggs that infertility is mainly ...

CRISPR Meets Pac-Man: New DNA Cut-and-Paste Tool Enables Bigger Gene Edits

Gene editing for the development of new treatments, and for studying disease as well as normal function in humans and other organisms, may advance more quickly with a new tool for cutting larger ...

Immune Protein Orchestrates Daily Rhythm of Squid-Bacteria Symbiotic Relationship

New research has revealed that, in the mutually beneficial relationship between with the Hawaiian bobtail squid and the luminescent bacterium, Vibrio fischeri, an immune protein called ...

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