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October 18, 2020

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Pesticides and Food Scarcity Dramatically Reduce Wild Bee Population

The loss of flowering plants and the widespread use of pesticides could be a double punch to wild bee populations. In a new study, researchers found that the combined threats reduced blue orchard bee ...

Sprat, Mollusks and Algae: What a Diet of the Future Might Look Like

Rethinking what we eat is essential if we hope to nourish ourselves sustainably and mind the climate. One option is to seek out alternative food sources from the sea. All the way at the bottom, where ...

Hand Pollination, Not Agrochemicals, Increases Cocoa Yield and Farmer Income

Agroecologists compare pesticides, fertilizers, manual pollination and farming costs in ...

Redefining Drought in the US Corn Belt

As the climate trends warmer and drier, global food security increasingly hinges on crops' ability to withstand drought. But are scientists and producers focusing on the right metric when measuring ...
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Potential New Tool for Frost Screening in Crops

Agricultural scientists and engineers have identified a potential new tool for screening cereal crops for frost ...

Strong Markets for Cultured Meat Across Meat-Reducing Germany and France

New research shows substantial markets for cultured meat and movements towards meat reduced diets across Germany and ...

Connecting the Dots on Food Access

A new study simultaneously examined the preferences of community members and compared those with the community-based programs and resources available to identify the most viable strategies for ...

Glyphosate Residue in Manure Fertilizer Decrease Strawberry and Meadow Fescue Growth

A new study finds that glyphosate residue from herbicides in manure fertilizer decrease the growth of strawberry and meadow fescue as well as runner production of ...

Scientists 'Scent Train' Honeybees to Boost Sunflowers' Seed Production

If you want a dog to hunt something down, it helps to let them sniff an item to pick up the scent. Now, researchers have found that scent training honeybees might work in a similar way -- and that ...

Could Breadfruit Be the Next Superfood? Researchers Say Yes

A fruit used for centuries in countries around the world is getting the nutritional thumbs-up from a team of researchers. Breadfruit, which grows in abundance in tropical and South Pacific countries, ...

Choosing the Right Cover Crop to Protect the Soil

Research helps farmers pick the best cover crops to keep their soil and nutrients in the ...

Fish Oil Without the Fishy Smell or Taste

A new study describes the development of a refining process that scientists deem a superior method to help produce better dietary omega-3 health and dietary supplements containing fish ...

Global Study Reveals Time Running out for Many Soils, but Conservation Measures Can Help

Researchers found more than 90 per cent of the conventionally farmed soils in their global study were thinning, and 16 per cent had lifespans of less than a century. These rapidly thinning soils were ...

Some but Not All US Metro Areas Could Grow All Needed Food Locally, Estimates Study

How local could food be in the U.S.? A modeling study estimates the distance within which metro centers could meet food needs if they tried to feed themselves locally. Some -- but not all -- could ...

Food Mechanics Recipe to Serve Up Healthy Food That Lasts

Researchers are investigating the science of food drying to design faster, cheaper and better ways to store ...

Worldwide Loss of Phosphorus Due to Soil Erosion Quantified for the First Time

Phosphorus is essential for agriculture, yet this important plant nutrient is increasingly being lost from soils around the world. The primary cause is soil erosion. The study shows which continents ...

Dietary Changes Could Produce Big Offsets to Carbon Emissions

Eating less meat and dairy products in favor of plant-based proteins like those found in grains, legumes and nuts could make a huge difference in how much carbon dioxide reaches the ...

Bumblebees Benefit from Faba Bean Cultivation

About one third of payments received by farmers are linked to 'greening measures' to promote biodiversity. These have been criticized because the benefits for biodiversity are unclear. ...

Making Dog Food More Delectable by Analyzing Aromas

Dogs aren't known for being picky about their food, eating the same kibble day after day with relish. However, owners of pampered pooches want their pets to have the best possible culinary ...

Bacteria Are in Key Role for Successful Recirculating Aquaculture Farming

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production sectors globally. Due to continuous growth, ecologically, economically and socially sustainable sites for aquaculture are already in use, ...

Wild Cousins May Help Crops Battle Climate Change

Wild relatives of our domestic crops already cope with harsh conditions and resist disease. Can we use them to help our preferred crops ...

A New Method May Make Tomatoes Safer to Eat

When vegetable farmers harvest crops, they often rely on postharvest washing to reduce any foodborne pathogens, but a new study shows promise in reducing these pathogens -- as well as lowering labor ...

Detecting Soil-Surface Ozone Early Can Help Prevent Damage to Grapes and Apples

Farmers and fruit growers report that climate change is leading to increased ozone concentrations on the soil surface in their fields and orchards, which can cause irreversible plant damage, reduce ...

Gen Z Not Ready to Eat Lab-Grown Meat

New research found that, despite having a great concern for the environment and animal welfare, 72 percent of Generation Z were not ready to accept cultured meat - defined in the survey as a ...

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