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November 11, 2020

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Swedish, Finnish and Russian Wolves Closely Related

The Scandinavian wolf originally came from Finland and Russia, and unlike many other European wolf populations its genetic constitution is virtually free from dog admixture. In addition, individuals ...

Microbe 'Rewiring' Technique Promises a Boom in Biomanufacturing

Researchers have achieved unprecedented success in modifying a microbe to efficiently produce a compound of interest using a computational model and CRISPR-based gene editing. Their approach could ...

Cell Aging Can Be Slowed by Oxidants

At high concentrations, reactive oxygen species - known as oxidants - are harmful to cells in all organisms and have been linked to aging. But a new study, has now shown that low levels of the ...

Discovery of Shape of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome After Infection Could Inform New COVID-19 Treatments

Scientists have uncovered how the genome of SARS-CoV-2 -- the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 -- uses genome origami to infect and replicate ...
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A Key Player Behind Parental Chromosome Matching During Meiosis

Researchers have clarified how homologous chromosome pairing -- a process necessary for sperm and egg formation where paternally- and maternally-derived chromosomes match and exchange genetic ...

How Cell Processes Round Up and Dump Damaged Proteins

Reporting unexpected processes, chemists say they have discovered how an enzyme known as UCH37 regulates a cell's waste management ...

Host Genetic Factors Shape Composition of Virus Communities

Plants can be infected by multiple viruses at once. However, the composition of the pathogen community varies, even if individuals belong to the same species and the same population. Ecologists have ...

Model for Acid-Tolerant Yeast Helps Guide Industrial Organic Acid Production

Microbes and other microscopic organisms could serve as sustainable 'factories' to create many types of industrial materials because they naturally convert nutrients such as sugars into ...

Biologists Create 'Atlas' of Gene Expression in Neurons, Documenting Diversity of Brain Cells

Researchers have created a 'developmental atlas' of gene expression in neurons, using gene sequencing and machine learning to categorize more than 250,000 neurons in the brains of fruit ...

Scientists Identify Synthetic Mini-Antibody to Combat COVID-19

By screening hundreds of synthetic mini-antibodies, scientists have identified one that might stop SARS-CoV-2 from infecting human ...

Lion Genetics Study Uncovers Major Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation

Over the course of only a century, humanity has made an observable impact on the genetic diversity of the lion ...

Researchers Pioneer More Effective Way to Block Malaria Transmission in Mosquitoes

Employing a strategy known as 'population modification,' which involves using a CRISPR-Cas9 gene drive system to introduce genes preventing parasite transmission into mosquito chromosomes, ...

Model of Multicellular Evolution Overturns Classic Theory

Cells can evolve specialized functions under a much broader range of conditions than previously thought, according to a ...

Ants Swallow Their Own Acid to Protect Themselves from Germs

Ants use their own acid to disinfect themselves and their stomachs. A team has found that formic acid kills harmful bacteria in the animal's food, thereby reducing the risk of disease. At the ...

Plant Viruses Hijack the Defense System of Plants, but There Might Be a Way to Strike Back

Recently discovered interactions between plant and viral proteins open up new avenues for making plants resistant to viruses, thus safeguarding crop yields in changing climate ...

Microfluidics Helps Engineers Watch Viral Infection in Real Time

Watching a viral infection happen in real time is like a cross between a zombie horror film, paint drying, and a Bollywood epic on repeat. Over a 10-hour span, chemical engineers from Michigan Tech ...

For Plant and Animal Immune Systems the Similarities Go Beyond Sensing

Researchers have discovered that plants have independently evolved a family of immune proteins that are strikingly similar to ...

Breakdown of Gene Coordination During Aging Suggests a Substantial Challenge to Longevity

Researchers report evidence that supports, for the first time, a longstanding theory on the aging process in cells. Using a novel approach from physics, they developed a computational method that ...

Silk Road Contains Genomic Resources for Improving Apples

The fabled Silk Road is responsible for one of our favorite and most valuable fruits: the domesticated apple. Researchers have now assembled complete reference genomes and pan-genomes for apple and ...

'BAH-Code' Reader Senses Gene-Silencing Tag in Cells

Researchers have identified an evolutionarily conserved pathway responsible for 'closing down' gene activity in the mammalian cell. The finding is closely related to the Polycomb pathway ...

Beetle Larvae Think With Brain 'Under Construction'

In human brains, hundreds of billions of nerve cells are interconnected in the most complicated way. This is no different for insects, although their brains 'only' have up to one million ...

Researchers Discover Mechanism That Allows SINEUPs to Amplify Protein Production

Scientists have discovered that a pair of proteins play a key role in allowing an important type of functional non-coding RNA, known as SINEUPs, to act to promote their target messenger ...

Criss-Crossing Viruses Give Rise to Peculiar Hybrid Variants

Biologists investigate a recently discovered class of viruses that have taken the characteristic versatility of the viral world to new heights. Referred to as cruciviruses, these minute forms reveal ...

Beetroot Peptide as Potential Drug Candidate for Treating Diseases

Medical researchers isolated a peptide (small protein molecule) from beetroot. The peptide is able to inhibit a particular enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of messenger molecules in the ...

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